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Last Updated 01-Jan-70

Welcome to our new Home and Site Design!

This web site has been created as a record of Steve Coupland's fund raising for Breast Cancer charities.

The original site was but this has now been donated to the charity Breast Cancer Care along with a donation of £14,375.00 (see below for details).

The Old Website!

The fund raising continues and all future donations are for the benefit of Breast Cancer sufferers and research into Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer Care Donation Certificate

View the Donation Certificate received from Breast Cancer Care for the donation of £14,375.00 worth of fund raising monies.



New Photo Gallery

Visit our new Photo Gallery, there are 3 albums containing images from my Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and Toubkal expeditions.

Features in the Gallery include the ability to view the photo's in a slideshow. To do this simply click on the album you want to view, select 'View Slideshow' from the left hand menu navigation, you can then select image size and the delay when the next picture is displayed.


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